Lakeview Centre – Manitowoc, WI to be demolished







(Manitowoc, WI 2015) – The Lakeview Centre mall, known as the “Mid-Cities Mall” back in its heyday (if it could ever have been considered to have a heyday) has been abandoned since the closing of the JC Penny — the last surviving store in the mall — back in 2011.  By order of the city, it is supposed to be torn down this year. Abatement is already underway, and demolition should start this summer, so this may have been my last chance for photographs.

The 22 acre property sits within an easy stroll to the Lake Michigan shoreline and a beautiful walking/biking trail that links it with nearby Two Rivers. I hope they they end up turning this property into something nice.

More photos from last year here, here, here, and here.

Edgewater Mall

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Manitowoc, WI) Not quite abandoned, there are still a few stores hanging in at this mall, which sits across the street from the totally abandoned Mid-Cities Mall. Weeds are starting to take over the parking lot. The trees to the right of the old Prange Way entrance look healthy and happy.

Abandoned Mid-Cities Mall — parking lot


(Manitowoc, WI) This mall, later renamed to Lakeview Centre, has been abandoned for years. Its sister mall next door, the Lakeshore Mall (formerly Edgewater Plaza), still has a few stores but seems to be looking at the same fate. I still think of them as “The Useless Mall,” and the “Totally Useless Mall,” named that way by my older brother back when they were populated.