Abandoned House – West Alton, MO

Along 67 from St. Louis to Alton is a big, empty parking lot with a remnants of a few signs. Back in a copse of trees is a house that has apparently been there for a while. Google Maps shows this entire area underwater as of June, 2019.

Abandoned house in West Alton

Below is looking from near the house back toward the highway. I think “Twin River Water Fun” may have been (or still is?) a place to rent equipment for river float trips.

St. Ambrose Church, St. Nazianz WI

In the small town of St. Nazianz, WI, there is a compound of buildings that used to be a seminary. The property itself is well-tended and the grounds are mowed regularly.


Several of the buildings, however, have sat mostly empty for a number of years. The sanctuary, St. Ambrose, appears to be used mostly for storage although it appears to be used for private worship as well. That’s a banner for some sort of event draped across the pews. It’s occasionally open to visitors, although none of the other abandoned parts are.



On closer inspection, you can see where water has made its way in and has started the building’s decay.




The seminary building is also mostly abandoned, and I have not seen it open to the public, other than a thrift store that is active at the back of the building.



This is the dormitory building, to the right of the sanctuary.