Le Bon Samaritan, Paris, France

persistence-541(Paris, France, 2009) This is a beautiful sculpture, Le Bon Samaritain, by Francois-Léon Sicard, in the Tuileries Gardens outside the Louvre in Paris. It’s not strictly being taken over by nature, but nature seems to have little respect for art nonetheless. Where we see a masterpiece, the pigeons see a nice place to sit, or to poop.

Moselle, MO Abandoned House

persistence-1090563(Moselle, MO) There’s a quaint old town southwest of St. Louis called Moselle. One of the few locals left told me that it used to be a bustling place due to the presence of the railroad that goes through the town. Once I-44 was put into place, the town slowly died, and most of the buildings on the main street sit abandoned.